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For those who need to send in the waiver electronically it can be found here.

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Route Details

Route Description


Start Line: Pouch Cove (Lat/Lon: 47.762021, -52.762973)

Stage 1 Pouch Cove to Flatrock.
15.1 km East Coast Trail. Towards the end of this stage, as you are leaving Red Head Cove, there is a left turn onto the ECT to go around the headland. You should take this turn rather than continuing straight on along an ATV track.

Flatrock Aid Station and Relay Transition (Lat/Lon: 47.704992, -52.710386)

Stage 2 Flatrock to Middle Cove.
1.1 km road
Flatrock to Torbay 8.7 km East Coast Trail. Make sure you run out to the split rock at the end of Flatrock. No shortcuts.
About halfway along this section, the trail splits. There is a signpost; take the trail to the left marked “difficult”. This turn will be marked with orange flagging tape. Careful on the cliff path; do not fall off.
On approaching Torbay, keep left across the bridge marked “closed”. You will follow the trail around the beach and up the hill on the other side of the bay to the road.
1.4 km road.
Torbay to Middle Cove 2.4 km East Coast Trail. This section includes crossing Motion River. Stay left on the ECT to make an easy crossing of the river near the ocean. Continue to stay left on the ECT, following the ocean, until you reach Middle Cove Beach. Keep your head up on this section; there is a fence blocking off a part of the trail. Don’t run into it.
Middle Cove Aid Station and Relay Transition (Lat/Lon: 47.650311, -52.696599)

Stage 3 Middle Cove to Quidi Vidi.
2.9 km road
Outer Cove to Red Cliff 8.2 km East Coast Trail. Follow the boardwalk and path until you come out facing the ocean. Nice view. The trail splits. Turn RIGHT.
Stay on the ECT until you reach a wooden ECT sign marked. Turn right past a radio tower and some graffitied buildings (check out the graffiti; nice daubing) to head down the steep hill to the road.

3.5 km road
Logy Bay to Quidi Vidi 8.9 km East Coast Trail. This is the most technically challenging part of the course, but thankfully this is where the fun really starts. Your legs will be shot from the recent road running and the previous 40-odd km. Because of the enormous amount of fun during this stage you will probably question why you are doing this – just remember there is a bottle of beer and warm clothes at the end.
Coming down the final hill you will need to carefully follow the people-signs for the ECT, not the bicycle signs. There will be flagging tape to lead you down to a very short road section to the Inn of Olde.

Finish Line – inside the Inn of Olde!

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Race Essential Info

Start Time: Sunrise 07:43
Finish Time: Sunset 17:55

There are 3 sets of instructions: for solo runners, team runners and everyone.

Kit pick-up will be at Biped, 564 Water St., Monday – Friday during the week of the race.

Solo Runners:
Meet: 6:30 Quidi Vidi (Lat/Lon: 47.584090, -52.678584 ) to leave OPTIONAL drop bag for Middle Cove, a bag for post-run, and to car pool to the start in Pouch Cove. Let us know if you have a support crew who could drive people to the start.

Bring lots of food and water to run with. There will NOT be food at the aid stations, just water and Powerade.

Set of warm post-run clothes for the Inn of Olde (lots of warm layers including fresh socks/shoes.)

Drop bag with spare clothes and extra food. This will be available at the aid station in Middle Cove.

Team runners:
You will be responsible for getting your 1st runner to the start line in Pouch Cove (Lat/Lon: 47.762021, -52.762973) the 2nd runner to the transition opposite the church in Flatrock (Lat/Lon: 47.704992, -52.710386) and the 3rd runner to the transition at the top of Middle Cove Beach (Lat/Lon: 47.650311, -52.696599).

Let us know if you have space to drive any solo runners from Quidi Vidi to Pouch Cove.


Route finding:

Follow the East Coast Trail wooden signs. When in doubt turn left, but avoid viewpoints, which are signposted “VIEWPOINT” (unless you want to visit the scenic viewpoints.)

The road sections will be clearly marked.

From the final hill down to Quidi Vidi you will need to carefully follow the people directions not the bicycle directions on the ECT signs.

Here’s the link to the Map

Aid Stations:
There will be water and Powerade at the aid stations in Flatrock and Middle Cove. There will not be snacks & we will not be supplying cups. Please bring a water bladder and/or a cup so we can try to avoid plastic cup garbage.

Emergencies: Bring a cell phone in a ziplock bag.

IMPORTANT: Retiring from the race:
Please tell us if you are retiring from the race. If you go home without telling us we will send out search party and that is not cool for false alarms. NOT COOL AT ALL.

Logy Bay cut-off time:
15:30: You will need to be in Logy Bay by 3:30 pm to finish before dark.

Finish Line:
Inside the Inn of Olde. There will be warm food waiting and a Curly Wurly for all finishers (a 1/3 for relay runners).

There will be a prizes draw when everyone is in. It will be warm and cozy in the Inn. We hope that everyone will stick around to welcome the last finisher.

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Our race bibs/numbers have finally showed up! They’re not fancy, but neither are we!

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A Poor Choice of Words

Not a huge fan of the title, but here’s a link to an article about Caroline running 190km on the original ECT in one continuous run over 29 hours.

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