Race Info

Start Time: Sunrise 07:35
Finish Time: Sunset 17:54

Kit pick-up will be at The Outfitters, 220 Water St., Thursday & Friday during the week of the race.

Race day:
Meet: 6:30 Quidi Vidi (Lat/Lon: 47.584090, -52.678584 ) to leave OPTIONAL drop bag for Middle Cove, a bag for post-run, and to car pool to the start in Pouch Cove. Let us know if you have a support crew who could drive people to the start.

Please ask friends and family to come out and cheer you on along the course, but no other support outside of the aid stations.


  • It is mandatory to carry a safety whistle and a cell phone.
  • Depending on the weather we may also make it mandatory to carry a jacket and a head covering.
  • Check in at Pouch Cove 7 am (and show mandatory items). Bring lots of food and water to run with. There will NOT be food at the aid stations, just water and Powerade.
  • Set of warm post-run clothes for the Inn of Olde (lots of warm layers including fresh socks/shoes.)
  • Drop bag with spare clothes and extra food. This will be available at the aid station in Middle Cove.
  • Let us know if you have space to drive any runners from Quidi Vidi to Pouch Cove.

Route finding:
The route will be will be marked with flagging tape on the trails and arrows on the roads.

Follow the East Coast Trail wooden signs. When in doubt turn left, but avoid viewpoints, which are signposted “VIEWPOINT” (unless you want to visit the scenic viewpoints.)

The road sections will be clearly marked.

From the final hill down to Quidi Vidi you will need to carefully follow the people directions not the bicycle directions on the ECT signs.

Here’s the link to the Map

Aid Stations:
There will be water and Powerade at the aid stations in Flatrock and Middle Cove. There will not be snacks & we will not be supplying cups. Please bring a water bladder and/or a cup so we can try to avoid plastic cup garbage.

Emergencies: Bring a cell phone in a ziplock bag. We will give out a phone number for emergencies.

IMPORTANT: Retiring from the race:
Please tell us if you are retiring from the race. If you go home without telling us we will send out search party and that is not cool for false alarms. NOT COOL AT ALL.

Logy Bay cut-off time:
15:30: You will need to be in Logy Bay by 3:30 pm to finish before dark.

Finish Line:
Inside the Inn of Olde. There will be warm food waiting and a Curly Wurly for all finishers.

It will be warm and cozy in the Inn. We hope that everyone will stick around to welcome the last finisher.

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